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Flourless chocolate cake.

I’ve been dying to make this recipe for AGES. This is a really good recipe, and may I just say of course it is because its a Martha recipe… and when is she ever wrong? Never. That and its gluten-free (because theres no flour in it- nudge, nudge Jamie!). Its a very light (very VERY […]

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Almond cupcakes.

To celebrate season two of me and Jay’s favorite show ‘The Tudors‘ (which is airing tomorrow evening at 9 p.m. on Showtime; plug plug), I wanted to make something to nibble on while watching it. I was thinking about what kind of cupcakes to make, when I decided on something almond-y. The almond extract always […]

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Cupcake Rehab news!


Hey just letting everyone know that is gone. Officially deleted… or baleted as Homestar Runner says. Now its only So if you haven’t changed your links or bookmarks or however you get here, do it now! Now I say! Sorry for any inconvenience! (I’m really not… so… tough noogies)

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Nest Eggs.

When it comes to Easter, I’m more into the bunnies and chicks and pretty eggs aspect than anything else. I really like this time of year, because it means spring is coming and signals the end of winter, but less sappy than that- my favorite candy of all time comes out JUST for this time […]

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Cupcake Rehab news! | miscellany

New look…

The site has only been open not even 48 hours and I’ve already changed the look. I hope you like the logo, its designed and drawn by myself in Adobe Illustrator. I love the phrase “leave the gun, take the cupcakes” but I just felt like using something lighter for now… 🙂

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Irish Soda Cake.

Ah, Irish soda bread. A staple this time of year. Siobhan, my little Lefton Irish girl, wants some & she won’t take no for an answer. … This is an authentic family recipe, direct from Ireland. However, its been tweaked a bit over the years (more sugar added) to be more of a “cake” than […]

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