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Dylan Lauren’s double chocolate chip frosted vanilla cupcakes.

I had some left over white chocolate from the Daring Baker’s challenge, and since there was a severe lack of baked goods in the house and people were starting to revolt- I made these. Vanilla cupcakes with double chocolate chip frosting (double chocolate because its white chocolate buttercream with semi-sweet chocolate chips). Sound good? Then […]

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Lookie here…

My friend Samantha‘s mom, I’m told, is a fan of the site (hi, Mrs. Urban!) So when she recently made the red velvet cupcakes that I posted a few weeks back and sent a picture of them, I had to post them: Lookin’ good! Hope you enjoyed them! I’m so glad people actually enjoy reading […]

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Pottery cupcakes. Sort of.

Konnichiwa, readers. Just sharing some pictures today. Here are a few pictures of some vanilla/chocolate cupcakes I made for my mom’s Raku ware class. In case you don’t know what that is, its a soft, lead-glazed, low-fired type of pottery used most often in “chado” or “Tea Ceremony.” Raku Ware is a style of pottery […]

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