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Lemon Yogurt Cupcakes- pucker up!

I had to bake tonight since the weather’s gotten a little cooler. 75 degrees instead of 95. I was being harrassed about the lack of baked goods around here lately, in other words: “Yes, sorbet and panna cotta are wonderful, but give us the damn cupcakes bitch.” My public wanted my sweet fluffy cupcakes and […]

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Me + Percy + AIM = cracked fondant.

Percy’sAIMname: so whatelse do you bake got damnit? cupcake rehab: I dunno, lol… cakes Percy’sAIMname: regular cakes? cupcake rehab: yeah, like layer cakes? Percy’sAIMname: oooooo cupcake rehab: or whatever Percy’sAIMname: teach me Percy’sAIMname: so then Percy’sAIMname: we could be like Ace of Cakes cupcake rehab: haha its easy cupcake rehab: LMFAO cupcake rehab: THATS AWESOME […]

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I think its pretty fuckin’ cool that Wendy Brandes mentioned my lil’ ol cupcake blog on her blog. I rarely talk about things other than cupcakes (or cooking, or baking, etc) but… I’m a bit of a fashion nut. I read fashion magazines all the time, I love them. I’ve been reading them since I […]

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