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June 15, 2008

I think its pretty fuckin’ cool that Wendy Brandes mentioned my lil’ ol cupcake blog on her blog.

I rarely talk about things other than cupcakes (or cooking, or baking, etc) but… I’m a bit of a fashion nut. I read fashion magazines all the time, I love them. I’ve been reading them since I was a kid. Thats why I ultimately ended up at F.I.T. for Fashion Design- just because I love fashion so much and love designing it so much and saw it as a form of art (and still do). Of course nobody tells you that artistic talent doesn’t matter in Fashion Design, its really how well you sew on an industrial machine thats bigger than a 6-year-old, but I digress…

She (Wendy) makes a necklace that, if you know me well enough, you know I’d love to have.. seeing how Anne Boleyn is indeed one of my favorite historical women and that time period is one of my absolute favorites, and of course… that B necklace is so iconic it practically speaks for itself. Of course I’d get it in an M, but still. In addition to being a fashion whore, I’m also a history nerd. 89% of the books I own are about Henry VIII and his six wives, or one of them, or the Tudor family and so on. The other 11% is about Marie Antoinette, Mozart, fashion, the 1920’s (my second favorite time period) and Harry Potter, to over generalize.

Lady Jane Grey necklace, Anne Boleyn necklace & Mary Queen of Scots necklace.

I’ve seen her stuff in magazines for a long time and admired it. How can you not like someone who makes Anne Boleyn necklaces, Queen Isabella wolf-head necklaces, Queen Min rings and Mary Queen of Scots earrings?

Just a few days ago I read her story in Marie Claire and then I see her name in my ‘Incoming Links’ section of my blog stats.

Anyway I just think thats pretty cool.

And no, this isn’t ass-kissing.

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  1. Aren’t you sweet! I’m glad you liked the link. I actually HAVE a Boleyn necklace in an M – I’ve been lazy about photographing it but I plan to get my ass in gear soon.

  2. OooOoOh… a Boleyn necklace in an M.. and my birthday is coming up in July… hmm… maybe someone… one of the many reading this who loves me will get the idea there. 😀

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