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I dream in HTML.

Hearing: Life of Agony – “Weeds” I just wanted to apologize if anyone experienced any difficulties viewing the site this evening. I had some technical issues and had to switch layouts, causing me to make this one on the fly.  But after much cursing, a lot of coding, and a lot of rearranging- its finally […]

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Does anyone notice anything similar between my logo (see top of page) and this Hot Topic bag? In case you don’t see it: cupcake, and a needle in the frosting. Hm. Now, I don’t flatter myself that anyone who designs tote bags would rip me off… but come on now. This is Hot Topic we’re […]

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Rootbeer float cupcakes.

I love rootbeer. My one true love, soda-wise, is Coke Zero however… I occasionally will cheat with rootbeer (oh… and Dr. Pepper, what a slut!). Sometimes, ya just need a nice, cold, frosty rootbeer. Rootbeer floats, I’m not incredibly into. Maybe cuz I’m really not into ice cream, but anyway… I’m not really big on […]

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