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Foodbuzz treats!

Look what I got in the mail today! Its a Foodbuzz apron and spatula! I was totally unaware that I was going to be the recipient of this, though admittedly I’ve been in a feverish haze for quite a few days now. Did everyone who’s a featured publisher get this? Or am I special? I […]

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Daring Baker’s Challenge: Lavash crackers & vegan 7-layer dip!

This month the DB challenge intrigued me. Lavash crackers. What the hell are those!? Well, Lavash crackers are an Armenian style cracker, perfect for breadbaskets, company and kids…It is similar to the many other Middle Eastern and Northern African flatbreads known by different names, such as mankoush or mannaeesh (Lebanese), barbari (Iranian), khoubiz or khobz […]

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Just some down home good ol’ country cupcake porn for ya’ll today- Fresh from the kitchen! Thanks to ThePeach for sending me these super sweet cowgirl toppers… I love ’em! Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate sauce topped with vanilla buttercream frosting. Some of the cupcakes’ vanilla buttercream was more cooperative than others… heh. These are leftover […]

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Neapolitan ‘happy 1st birthday to Cupcake Rehab’ cupcakes.

I’m not really a fan of strawberry, I like fake strawberry taste, and I like the smell,  and when I was a kid I loved Strawberry Shortcake and even went as her for Halloween once when I was a wee tadpole.. but I don’t particularly like the berry itself. As a matter-of-fact I hate berries, […]

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