What’s black & white & green all over?

No, not Arwyn the kitty.


Although she is quite beautiful, and appropriate for today. Oh, and adorable too.

What I really meant by that were THESE CUPCAKES. They’re pretty awesome. Black, white, and green all over.


Witches Brew cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes with a green vanilla bean frosting. Simple. But SO GOOD.


Such fun. Oh, this time of year is a lovely time for baking, isn’t it? I’m always so sad when Halloween is over, and all my witches go away for another year. But I’m also really happy this Halloween. Why? Because Hurricane Sandy is gone and I can enjoy my absolute favorite holiday! It’s still a little windy, but thankfully she’s moving on. And so are we.

Black & white liners are from sweet estelle baking supply on Etsy. Vintagey toppers are so old, I have no idea where they’re from, but you can get similar ones here. As far as I know, Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola is sold at Fairway Market (but I’m sure the website lists other places). The table runner was a gift from my sweet friend Yoyo a few years ago. All the recipes needed can be found at the recipe index. Just a regular vanilla cupcake, and regular vanilla buttercream with one vanilla bean scraped into it. I wish you could see the vanilla flecks better in the photos!

I hope you all have a very happy and safe Halloween. See you in November!


I saw three witches
That bowed down like barley,
And straddled their brooms ‘neath a louring sky,
And, mounting a storm-cloud,
Aloft on its margin,
Stood black in the silver as up they did fly.

I saw three witches
That mocked the poor sparrows
They carried in cages of wicker along,
Till a hawk from his eyrie
Swooped down like an arrow,
Smote on the cages, and ended their song.

I saw three witches
That sailed in a shallop,
All turning their heads with a snickering smile,
Till a bank of green osiers
Concealed their grim faces,
Though I heard them lamenting for many a mile.

I saw three witches
Asleep in a valley,
Their heads in a row, like stones in a flood,
Till the moon, creeping upward,
Looked white through the valley,
And turned them to bushes in bright scarlet bud.

“I Saw Three Witches”, Walter De La Mare



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  1. Lauren

    Hi I found you via the Eclectic Grab Bag’s blog hop!
    I really love your blog!
    I would like to follow you but I can’t seem to find the GFC button (I feel stupid!)

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