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Neapolitan ‘happy 1st birthday to Cupcake Rehab’ cupcakes.

I’m not really a fan of strawberry, I like fake strawberry taste, and I like the smell,  and when I was a kid I loved Strawberry Shortcake and even went as her for Halloween once when I was a wee tadpole.. but I don’t particularly like the berry itself. As a matter-of-fact I hate berries, […]

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Pottery cupcakes. Sort of.

Konnichiwa, readers. Just sharing some pictures today. Here are a few pictures of some vanilla/chocolate cupcakes I made for my mom’s Raku ware class. In case you don’t know what that is, its a soft, lead-glazed, low-fired type of pottery used most often in “chado” or “Tea Ceremony.” Raku Ware is a style of pottery […]

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Valentine’s Day strawberry heartcakes, plus a ton of other stuff.

Hey cupcake whores- Happy (day before) Valentine’s Day! I hope all you cookin’ & bakin’, movin’ & shakin’ wives/girlfriends get KitchenAid stand mixers tomorrow, or a pretty apron, and if not, I hope you at least get cupcakes… or flowers (and I hope you guys all get something sweet too). Yoyo is having a 13% […]

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Frequently (or not so frequently) Asked Questions Here we have some questions I’ve received either through e-mail or other conversations, and I thought it might be useful to have a section here for them. Got a question? Ask it. First, I’ll just state some general website information for all you other geeks. Web design/layout/template editing: […]

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Recipe index

Everything (mostly) all in one place Note: I put off doing this for awhile, mainly because it felt like a huge undertaking. But I have to admit it will indeed come in handy, not just for you readers, but for me. Sometimes sifting through the categories or archives can be fun. Other times… frustration central. […]

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