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28 weeks and counting.

That sounds like another show from those creepy Duggar’s doesn’t it? Haha. So, it’s been a while. Almost two months since I did a bumpdate (get it? Bump update??) and that’s mainly because things have been quiet. Few appointments, mainly just for the glucose challenge (which I passed with flying colors) and bloodwork. Nothing terribly […]

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Peach & caramel tart (+ an insanely easy crust recipe).

In my almost 10 years of blogging on this website (!!!), I’ve run across a few snags here and there. Sometimes they’re code-related, HTML-related, or PHP-related. Sometimes it’s hosting issues. Other times it’s photography problems- like when you take photos, then everyone eats, and then you upload the pictures to your laptop the next day […]

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Peach catch-up.

It’s been a busy and rough week or so. Shortly after finishing using up all those blueberries, I broke a tooth. Well, not really. Kind of. A filling in my wisdom tooth fell out, taking some tooth with it, leaving me with not much to speak of. After seeing my dentist, we agreed that it […]

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Black ‘n’ blue preserves.

This isn’t your average jam. Well maybe it is. But it isn’t the kind you’ll buy in a supermarket. Blueberry black pepper preserves.   And speaking of supermarkets, I bought these blueberries for super cheap at the supermarket. They were not only cheap, they were HUGE! And perfect! I hadn’t made any berry jam this […]

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