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Here comes Peter Cottontail.

And he’s riding on a parade of cupcakes, apparently. Yep, you guessed it folks. We’re two weeks away from Easter, and spring is officially here… that means so is the annual Best of Easter Cupcakes Compilation!

Each holiday I post a compilation of my favorite (or the best) cupcake or dessert items that are pertinent to said holiday; I also throw in links to other things like snacks or cookies or even meals that relate as well. I started doing it last Halloween (2010). Afterwards, I’d gotten good feedback from people who said it helps them come up with ideas without having to search too much, so I kept it up. The rest is history, as they say.

So here you are. A convenient little list of pretty cakes (& other things listed at the bottom) that are perfect for spring/Easter/Passover/whatever you celebrate. I celebrate chocolate bunnies, myself. Anyway, click on each image & you’ll be brought to the recipe. Enjoy!

And there’s more than this that I haven’t pictured here, both for the sake of time & space. If you’re interested in them, I’m listing them below. I hope this helps you guys out with some ideas! And don’t forget- there’s plenty more to come in the next week or two.

Chocolate fudge Easter egg cake pops

Chocolate hi-hat cupcakes with banana-flavored Italian meringue

Sweet noodle kugel

Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate (shape ’em like bunnies!)

Thumbprint cookies
…………………………………….(shape ’em like eggs & use all different colored springy jams & jellies to fill them)

Cherry filled low-sugar cupcakes
…………………………………….(great for diabetics, dieters or people who don’t like frosting.. freaks!)

Carrot cupcakes with lavender-colored cream cheese frosting

Coconut macaroons & chocolate-covered coconut macaroons

Alfajores with dulce de leche filling

Monsters, Inc.

It isn’t every year that Halloween falls on a Monday, which around here is Military Monday. To avoid being cheesy & disrespectful, I’m going to just be posting today not tomorrow, & I’m not going to include any soldier’s names this week. For only the second time in the over 2 years I’ve been doing it, I’ll be missing a week. Next week I’ll resume the usual MM posts, but this week just enjoy these adorable little monsters!

Yes, they’re edible. Inspired by Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., they’re a twist on Bakerella‘s cake balls; made from Betty Crocker spice cake mixed with Betty Crocker whipped buttercream frosting rolled into little oblong creatures, then dipped into “Spooky Green” Wilton Candy Melts that weren’t completely smoothed out or melted. It was a thicker texture than I’d usually use so that it would better mimic the skin of a monster. The edible candy eyeballs are from Layer Cake Shop and really make them absolutely perfect. They really & truly look like slimy little monsters! I made a little army of them to help me ward off any evil spirits that may come along tomorrow. For the recipes & how-to’s of making cake pops/cake balls, Bakerella is the expert Queen, so you should hear it from her. However I do find it’s silly to waste a homemade, from-scratch cake if you’re just going to mash it up with frosting, so I always go the cake mix route (& I think Bakerella does too). If it’s your first time, allow yourself lots of practice, it can be trying, especially if you’re making pops. But you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! It took me a few tries to get ’em right the first time I made them, but I did. And it’s so much fun to do with kids (at least, I can imagine it is- I only have 4-legged kids so I wouldn’t really know). And just so you know, they taste deelish. Not at all as slimy as they appear *wink*

Hm. It seems like the last three Halloween posts were all green-themed, weren’t they? Strange! I did do a black & orange one at some point, didn’t I? I think so. But even my nails are green this year…

Anyway, here’s to a happy & safe Halloween for everyone. Don’t let the little dudes & dudettes go out alone after dark… there are some way scarier monsters out there than these guys. And if you’re an older kid- give the little ones a break, okay? They don’t need to be egged or covered in shaving cream or harassed. It takes the fun out of it for them, so just let them have their candy & you can go kick rocks. Or kick snowballs, depending on where you live.

And remember… not all ghosts are bad.

The Celts celebrated Halloween as Samhain, ‘All Hallowtide’ – the ‘Feast of the Dead’, when the dead revisited the mortal world.

The celebration marked the end of Summer and the start of the Winter months. During the eighth century the Catholic Church designated the first day of November as ‘All Saints Day (‘All Hallows’) – a day of commemoration for those Saints that did not have a specific day of remembrance. The night before was known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ which, over time, became known as Halloween.

-source: The Irish Jewelry Company