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The “Book.”

Ladies & gentlemen… meet… “the book”….

Drum roll please…

THAT, my friends, is my bible.

It contains all my how-to’s, all my recipes (cooking & baking), food presentation inspiration, ideas on cake decorating & miscellaneous crafts. Its all mainly new stuff that I printed out from the internet or tore out of magazines, as the older family recipes are in my mothers cookbook(s). Except there is one fruitcake recipe in there thats my mothers, but thats mainly for sentimentality’s sake, I never plan on making it; I mean whothefuck actually eats fruitcake?!

Each and every page is indexed with a colored tab, and I can find what I’m looking for immediately. Because I’m so organized

Look! Its a recipe for German Chocolate Cupcakes… Mmmmm. Thanks to Bake & Destroy for that one! & please pardon my chipped pink leopard print nail polish!!


I spy Pink Lemonade cupcakes… in the upper left hand corner..


I’m rapidly running out of room, so I’m going to need a second soon.

Maybe its an old fashioned thought, but I think every woman of a certain age should have a cookbook of some sort. I mean, chances are most women (whether they think they are or not) are going to procreate, and have families… and therefore… there is cooking and baking involved. Unless you have a shitload of dough and plan on hiring a cook. Any woman who doesn’t know her way around a kitchen is a sorry woman indeed! (I’m probably going to get shit from quasi-feminist nazi punk chicks for that one… but so be it…. I’ll beat them with my whisk!) You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or Julia Child but AT LEAST have a few cake or cookie recipes, and know how to defrost a chicken. Sheesh.

I just thought I’d share… so you can picture me with “the book” open on the counter, mixing a bowl of batter, with flour streaked in my hair more completely.