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“A little party never killed nobody…” (whoa- I’m married!)

Marilla + Jason | Pixel Perfect Photography | New York City Hall wedding #bridesinblack #offbeatbrides

Union by Robert Fulghum


Holy crap. Yes, we’re married. I’m a Mrs.

First kiss as a married couple! | A New York City Hall wedding (Photo by Janai McNeil of Pixel Perfect Photography) #bridesinblack #offbeatbrides #nycbrides

We finally did it. After almost 12 years together, knowing each other for almost 15 and with  almost 2 of those years being engaged, we tied the knot/jumped the broom/took the plunge/bought the cow/hooked up the ball & chain/got hitched on Friday, April 3, 2015. And what a beautiful day it was.

Not so much weather wise. It was definitely still a mixture of “March” & early April (April showers & all that) in New York City weather time. And so it was rainy, but not heavy, just an annoying off-and-on drizzle that made NYC look even moodier than usual. It was gray, but it wasn’t even that cold (around 60° F), despite getting snow less than 2 weeks before. I didn’t so much mind the weather, to tell the truth. No one did. I actually quite liked it.

Dancing in the streets | A New York City Hall wedding (Photo by Janai McNeil of Pixel Perfect Photography) #bridesinblack #offbeatbrides #nycbrides

We planned this wedding in roughly 2 1/2 months. A little less. That’s it. Granted; I had already bought my dress a year before and we basically knew exactly what we wanted. But after I was so sick in December & hospitalized for two days, I realized we were stupid to wait any more. I mean, why? Add to that the deaths of the two NYPD police officers on December 20th, combined with the fact that the doctor told us about a patient with what I was close to- a thyroid storm- going into cardiac arrest and being resuscitated, I thought, WE ARE STUPID FOR WAITING. Why the hell didn’t we just do it right after we got engaged? No clue.

But we did it.

And we did it our way. Click on through to read EVERYTHING! And I do mean everything, so be prepared- there are a LOT of pictures here… A LOT. So here goes: my big fat wedding post!

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Wow, its been a while.

I knew it was a long time since I last posted, but seeing the date on that last post… wow. It really has been a long time!

I wanted to write up a quick post (or not so quick) to explain my absence in a bit more length. I think it’s important to do so because, well, maybe one of you feels the way I felt and maybe I can help you. No, this will never turn into a “health” blog, ever. I just wanted to give a little background on what happened to me.

I had been feeling really lousy in September 2014. I went through a two-week period of nausea/vomiting and lethargy. Being that I am stubborn I did not seek medical attention and assumed it was some kind of flu/stomach bug/virus/etc. October was better, I was applying for some side jobs and second jobs (graphic design being my first). I was still very tired, though, and couldn’t even get up the energy to make everything anything I wanted to make or post more on the blog. Halloween was great, albeit quiet since Jay worked and I was still feeling meh.

By November, I was feeling tired ALL the time. That feeling progressed into feeling exhausted all the time. I was also getting hot flashes, or rather, I couldn’t tolerate the heat in the house or in stores. I was constantly lowering the heat and Jay would come home and freeze (it’s NY, in late November). I had just started a new job and tried to write everything off as holiday or new job stress. Around the middle of November, my legs started to feel weak. I couldn’t go up and down the stairs as fast as usual, they ached and my calf muscles felt tight. Almost as if I couldn’t stretch out fully. This, too, got worse. Add to that everyone telling me I was losing weight- which I didn’t see. My dad (ex-NYC EMS) told me I was a classic case of hyperthyroidism. This didn’t seem urgent to me, so again I just dealt with it.

When December rolled around, I was pretty much acting as if I was a 90-year old woman. Jay insisted I go to the doctor, but I had just switched and my new doctor couldn’t see me until February. So off to urgent care I went. And at urgent care, they gave me an EKG and wouldn’t touch me. They told me to go immediately to the hospital. My heart rate was 160.

IV line in my arm at the hospital.

And so to the hospital I went, unfortunately.

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I love you, Nana.

My beautiful grandma Agnes, 1953

Just when you think your heart is already broken & can’t break again, it breaks again, & in places you didn’t know could break.

I love you, my beautiful Nana, & I will love you forever and a day. You will be so missed, as a matter of fact, I missed you already, the minute you left us on Saturday evening. My heart felt empty and I knew a little piece of me left with you. Today I know we’re supposed to be laying you to rest, but you’re already at rest. Unfortunately, we’re not. This is so very hard for all of us who miss having you here. Harder still because you weren’t supposed to leave. You weren’t sick, or in poor health. It wasn’t expected. Not that that makes it easier, anyway.

I can still smell your Shalimar, see you standing in front of me, hear your voice calling my name. I hope in some ways those things never leave me, that way I know I’ll still have you for the rest of my life, in ways only I can see/hear/smell. Like our own little secret. Like a wink and a smile behind someone’s back to let me in on your little joke. I cannot believe my grandmother, my godmother, my friend, my ally… is gone. After 93 years on this earth, you left us. You didn’t want to, you fought, but we had to let you go. And while the world is a a little darker, the sky must be a hell of a lot brighter. You used to call me your star, and now you’re mine.

You didn’t care if I had pink hair, half my head was shaved or my nose had a ring in it; if I wore Army fatigues & Doc Martens or safety pins in my ears… you loved me & always told me so, saying you enjoyed how much of an individual I was. Not to mention instilling in both mom and me a sense of “be who you are.” You defended me & my friends when people called us “freaks” in the mall when we were in high school. You yelled at an old lady in Rite-Aid because she gave me a dirty look & sneered at my purple hair, telling her I was an A+ student at a private Catholic school & that it was none of her damn business how I dressed. You knew who Green Day was, you knew Jay-Z was married to Beyonce & you loved Lady Gaga. You weren’t the average 93 year old, you were special. And you were my grandma, which was more important than any of that.

You weren’t a baker or a cook, but you were my biggest fan & best “customer.” And while I didn’t learn those particular things from you, I learned so much. I learned to have pride. Pride in my appearance, pride in myself, pride in my decisions, pride in my family. I learned to take care of myself from you & mom; that’s where I get my “kickin’ ass & takin’ names” attitude from. I learned not to be afraid of anyone or anything. You were one awesome lady, Red, with a kick-ass Irish sense of humor & feisty style to match your flaming red hair. I hope you’re hangin’ out with your parents, grandpa Butch & all your siblings/in-laws who left this world before you, & I sincerely hope, despite my own personal lack of religious beliefs, that you’re all together, laughing your ass off somewhere, having a ball. After all, they had to have been happy to see you; the life of the party finally arrived.

I’ll see you on the flip side, Nana Aggie; I’ll bring the cupcakes, you bring the tea.


“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.” – Emily Dickinson

Agnes Veronica Rooney Sonnanburg ღ May 21, 1918 – July 16, 2011


My wonderful, artistic, handsome, smart, talented and most important- kind- great uncle Pat passed away this week. He was an amazing man, with strength and fortitude I could never dream of having through an illness that was long and hard and draining. I will miss him so very, very much. He gave me so much support in my art, he was an artist himself and not only did he give me materials, he gave me ideas, guidance, technique. He taught me so much about so many things and was like a surrogate grandfather to me when my own passed away when I was just 6 years old. He was a great cook, too. And what a sense of humor! That photo is of him and my aunt Marilyn on their wedding day.

I’ll be taking a while off from the site, I’ll see you all next week.

And Uncle Pat, I promise you that I will put those paintbrushes you gave me to good use again. I love you. Rest in peace.

Yeah bitches, this is an uber amazing blog.

I recieved a blog award from Jayhawk Girl’s Kitchen this weekend, which is very flattering and kind of her! Thank you 😀

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and /or gratitude
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award!

So, here I go, the recipients- IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

  2. Cilantro & Lime
  3. Boring History Girl
  4. Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes Bakery
  5. Karma Cooler
  7. Five Twenty Seven
  8. Fresh Princess
  9. Dolce Cakes
  10. Cakespy

These are some of my favorite blogs, and some of them are some pretty awesome friends of mine too. And I just want to tell these people that I may not comment much, but I ALWAYS read! I’m just too busy/lazy to comment a lot. 🙂

I can has award!

I’ve been sorta busy with my new domain, so I’m guilty of somewhat neglecting you all. But I do have some nifty baked goods and things planned for the day of Ol’ Saint Patrick so I promise I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth! While I was away in HTML land, courtesy of Slush @ quirkycupcake, I got an award:


Thanks so much! I’m really super flattered. As per blog etiquette: I’m supposed to pass it on to 10 people who make my day, so basically I’m going to leave it at this: anyone who reads this and enjoys it and gets something out of it… YOU make my day! So you get an award too!