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Quick peach cobbler.

How’s your summer going, everyone!? I hope you’re all eating and drinking and growing (veggies- not your waistline) and swimming and beaching your way through the season. I haven’t had much time to bake, plus it’s been hot. But after having some peaches left after my first foray into the 2016 peach/nectarine portion of my Canbassadorship, I really needed to bake up somethin’ a lil bit traditional. But yet not traditional. ‘Cause you know how I am.

Quick peach cobbler.

What ELSE do you do when you get 26 lbs. of fresh Northwest grown peaches and nectarines from Yakima, Washington?

Well, first you make peach jam and stuff. Then you make peach cobbler. ‘Cause duh.

Peaches (in Pyrex).

Are these not the hugest, most gorgeous peaches EVER? OMGYASSSSS.

Okay, anyway.

Peach cobbler. It’s like a summer staple.

Quick peach cobbler- from scratch!

I’m all about shortcuts, or making things easier for myself. If I can make a delicious three layer cake from scratch and have it not take two hours, then that’s the path I’ll take. It’s not that I don’t enjoy baking. I love it. But I have a life to live, and I’d rather get to the eating part, if you catch my drift.

 This one takes no time at all. The worst part is peeling the peaches. And peel them you must. I mean, MUST. You don’t want fuzz in your cobbler. I know it looks and feels so cute on the actual peach… but it doesn’t feel so good in your mouth while eating a nice hot cobbler with cold whipped cream.

I promise you, it’s easy. And its very, very, very delicious.

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