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Joyeux anniversaire!

Kiss me! (celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary)

A year ago this coming Sunday, April 3rd, I got all dressed up in a black dress, went to Manhattan City Hall and married one of my favorite guys. Then we ate a fantastic dinner with our families & close friends and partied it up to the wee hours of the morning.

I actually can’t believe it’s been a year– time flew by. Of course, it feels like we’ve been together forever because we have… it’ll be 13 years together (total) this July. It’s a crazy ride we’ve been on, from meeting as 19 year old “kids” to getting married & buying our first home. From my mother’s cancer diagnosis, to adopting our Indy boy, to my nana Agnes’s passing away, and then his grandma Dotty’s passing away, from my hyperthyroid illness to my hypothyroid state and it’s current bullshit, all the drama in-between, and all the good things like our engagement, anniversaries, birthdays, trips, concerts, European world tours, promotions, job successes, and of course, our marriage. And the day-to-day life isn’t so bad with this guy, either.

I love you, Jay. And its been a privilege and an honor to share my life with you the past (almost) 13 years. And this one year of marriage, even more so. I look forward to many more.

Rings on our invite.

And since I’ve shared so much of our lives with you, my readers, in the past couple (okay, not really a couple… more like over NINE YEARS!), I feel like we’re all family. So thank you all for being the best, and for always being so cool. I love you guys, too.

If you’re a new reader or if you just want to take a trip down memory lane with us, click the picture below to read the original wedding post from last year. Now that we’re a year out from it, I’m happier now than I was then about how we did it our way. I vehemently believe weddings are personal; no one should tell you how yours should be. Each one should be unique and true to who and what you are as a couple.

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