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Available sizes.

Yes, I’m finally trying this out. After seeing a few other blogs having “sponsorship” programs, I decided to see if anyone would be interested on having an ad over here at Cupcake Rehab.

If you’d like to know more (i.e. terms & conditions, pricing, etc) before this page is fully up & running, e-mail me: I can also accommodate sizes not listed (although nothing wider than 230 pixels). I’d like to mainly target small business owners or anyone with a startup clothing line, cookbook, etc. that they’d like to promote.

Please put ‘advertising’ in the subject line!


*Note: all proceeds from any advertising goes to the upkeep & maintenance of the blog; hosting plan, domain name renewal, etc. I will only promote & advertise businesses or ventures that I believe in or can get behind. I reserve the right to deny any request for advertising based on that & that alone.