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Note: I put off doing this for awhile, mainly because it felt like a huge undertaking. But I have to admit it will indeed come in handy, not just for you readers, but for me. Sometimes sifting through the categories or archives can be fun. Other times… frustration central. I am an imperfect being- I don’t always add each & every post to ALL the appropriate categories. For example, I recently noticed a cupcake post that was about chocolate cupcakes (& chocolate frosting) and it wasn’t even listed under the ‘chocolate’ category. So yeah. I’m not always perfect. For that reason, I took a long time (it took me at least a few weeks) to get all my shit together and come up with this Recipe Index. I hope it helps! I’ll be updating it as I add blog posts.

And if anything is wrong or isn’t working as it should be, please let me know.

It is NOT comprehensive: a few recipes are duplicates so I didn’t list them. Others, I decided were worth re-listing because of the unique frosting or decorations or because I tweaked it. For that reason, if you’re looking for a particular recipe, I’d still use the categories or the search feature.

(Page last updated 11.02.15)


Wicked Witch cupcakes

Cupcakes for two

Toasted walnut maple cupcakes with maple rye whiskey butter glaze

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ice cream “frosting”

Vegan triple berry maple bourbon cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting

Grandma Dotty’s honey cakes

Chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate chip buttercream

Linzer tart cupcakes

Chocolate bourbon cupcakes with chocolate bourbon ganache

Easy spiderweb cupcake toppers

One giant chocolate cupcake (or chocolate cupcakes for two)

Homemade “funfetti” cupcakes: (1) (2)

Rosewater vanilla-bean cupcakes with sugared & glittered edible pansies

“Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” cupcakes

Frosting-filled chocolate heart cupcakes

Dark chocolate coconut cupcakes

Peanut butter & jelly cupcakes (in photo above)

Stollen-inspired cupcakes with stabilized whipped cream frosting

Polka-dot cupcakes

Dia de Los Muertos black velvet cupcakes with marigold frosting & hand-painted white chocolate sugar skulls

Dexter Morgan’s blood spatter cupcakes

Pumpkin cheesecake cupcakes with brown sugar crumble

Vanilla cupcakes filled with blackberry-lime jam topped with vanilla-lime buttercream

Cherry-bomb cupcakes with homemade “whipped cream in a jar”

S’mores cupcakes (1) (2)

Seashell cupcakes with saltwater taffy buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes with a pretzel on top

Lemon ricotta cupcakes

Blue suede cupcakes

Bunny cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate sour cream frosting

Red velvet mini-cupcakes made in the Babycakes cupcake maker

German chocolate cupcakes

Poppy seed cupcakes with almond buttercream

Retro Christmas tree cupcakes

North Pole cupcakes (peppermint swirl)

Punk Rock cupcakes

Sweet potato cupcakes with toasted 7-minute frosting

Dark chocolate spice cupcakes with brown butter frosting

Halloween candy cupcakes

“Eye of Newt & Toe of Frog” cupcakes

Breast Cancer Awareness cupcakes (1) (2) (3) (4)

Pumpkin cupcakes with stabilized whipped cream frosting

Prohibition cupcakes

Bananas Foster cupcakes

Lemon marmalade cupcakes with toasted 7-minute frosting

Black Forest cupcakes

Raspberry Beret cupcakes

True Blood-orange cupcakes

Jackson Pollock cupcakes

Boston Cream cupcakes (1) (2)

Rosewater vanilla cupcakes

Malted Milk cupcakes with evaporated milk frosting

Maple-Irish whiskey frosted vanilla cupcakes

Butter pecan cupcakes with evaporated milk frosting

Green velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Lemon yogurt cupcakes

Caramel drenched coconut vanilla cupcakes

Winter white velvet cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream

Tablespoon-size mini Magnolia cupcakes

Basic two-egg yellow cupcakes (vintage recipe)

White cupcakes (1) (2)

Blueberry cupcakes with blueberry-vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream

Champagne cupcakes with sweet champagne buttercream

Tangerine cupcakes

Lemony Snicket’s cupcakes / Lemon-vanilla cupcakes

Hot cocoa cupcakes with “melted marshmallow” buttercream

Figgy Pudding cupcakes with brandied Italian meringue buttercream

Billy’s bakery chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream & peppermint meringue “ornaments”

Mochaccino cupcakes with cooked flour frosting

Spice cupcakes

White chocolate cupcakes

“Black licorice” cupcakes (anise) with orange marshmallow buttercream

Tres Leches coconut cupcakes

Chocolate malt cupcakes with marshmallow buttercream

True Blood velvet cupcakes (red velvet)

Drömmar cakes

Nutella vanilla cupcakes

Neopolitan cupcakes

Earl Grey with lemon tea party cupcakes

Fluffernutter cupcakes

Guinness cupcakes with whipped cream cheese frosting

Bailey’s Irish cream cupcakes

Carrot cupcakes

Creamsicle cupcakes (1) (2)

Honey cupcakes

Mardi Gras King’s cupcakes

Strawberry “heartcakes”

Peanut-less peanut butter cupcakes

Fuck You cupcakes with bourbon chocolate buttercream

White chocolate almond cupcakes

Gingerbread cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting

Poinsettia cupcakes

Hot buttered rum cupcakes

Cream soda toffee cupcakes

Snickerdoodle cupcakes

Fudge mint cupcakes

Chocolate stout cupcakes with white chocolate “funny bones”

Apple cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream

White chocolate pomegranate cupcakes

Root beer float cupcakes (1) (2)

Coconut lime cupcakes

Coconut cupcakes

Vanilla caramel cupcakes

Chocolate covered banana meringue cupcakes

Skunk cakes

Let It Snow coconut cakes

Eggnog cupcakes

Jack Frost cupcakes

Obamacakes for the 2008 election

Devil’s dark chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon ‘Red Hots’ frosting

Monster cakes with sweetmelt eyeballs

Chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with black cherry Kool-Aid frosting

Cappuccino chip cupcakes

“Grown-up” mocha cupcakes with orangy cinnamon frosting

Dylan Lauren’s cupcakes

Man In Black dark chocolate Oreo cupcakes

Marsellus & Mia Wallace cupcakes

Cherry-filled diabetic cupcakes

Nest Egg cupcakes

Anti-Valentine’s Day cupcakes of Darkness

Chocolate cheesecake muffincakes with coffee filling

Elvis Comeback Special cupcakes

Double dark chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

French toast cupcakes

Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes

Cinnamon vanilla cupcakes with Mexican hot chocolate buttercream



Maple & brown sugar roasted pears

French custard cream or creme patisserie 

Pina colada bundt cake

Blueberry lemon cakes

Rhubarb cake

Strawberry ricotta mini-bundt cakes

Vanilla cake with a twist of lime

Irish soda cakes

Pistachio baby bundt cakes

Grilled peaches with sweet ricotta & honey

Olive oil cake with rum & pistachio

Cherry “surprise” coffee cakes

Irish apple cake

Whiskey bundt cake

Maple apple walnut crisp

Apple cake with hazelnuts

Anniversary zebra bundt cake (link to recipe in post)

True Blood-inspired naked cake with macerated berries (no recipe- just photos & ingredients)

Blackberry breakfast bake or “whateveryouwannacallit”

Vanilla-strawberry jam cakes (my version of shortcakes- in photo above)

Guinness ginger cake

Lemon shortbread cranberry crumble

Cherry berry cobbler

Individual jam clafouti

Almond blueberry coffee cake with Snackle Mouth granola

Chocolate souffles

Strawberry chocolate liqueur preserve in individual cobblers

Quick & easy Nutella desserts

Pain au chocolat

Apple dumplings with rum

Nutella sandwich cake

Flourless chocolate cake (1) (2) (3)

Caramel cake with caramelized butter frosting

Opera Cake

Baked apples with sweet ricotta

Minute chocolate mug cake


Applesauce cake


Monster cake balls

Easter egg cake pops

Heart-shaped cake pops


Apple pie with maple, brown butter, bourbon and toasted walnuts

Mini-cherry pies with Pimm’s No. 1 Cup

Peanut butter birthday pie with pretzels & chocolate cookies

Grapefruit pie with grapefruit-scented whipped cream

Cherry cream pie

Wet-bottom shoo fly pie

Lemon pie with ginger shortbread cookie crust

Salty honey pie

Bourbon sweet potato & pumpkin pie

Peach, bourbon & black walnut crostata

Red, white & BLUEberry hand pies/pastries

Blueberry cream pie

Rose-cut mini apple tarts (apples cut into roses)

Winter squash pie with toasted hazelnuts & brandy whipped cream

Sugared & honeyed pear tarts

Maple-pumpkin pasties with bourbon whipped cream

Hand-held mini apple pies

Stone fruit galettes

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon almond blueberry crustless pie

Pineapple pie

Crustless cranberry pie

Rhubarb crumble pie


Banana yogurt chocolate chip muffins

Irish soda muffins with Jameson-soaked raisins (1) (2)

Peppery orange ginger muffins

Cinnamon streusel muffins

White chocolate cherry muffins

Jammin’ little five-minute muffins (in photo above)

Drunken cherry scones

Nutella muffins

Mini-coffee cake muffins

Honey-oat scones

Trail Mix muffins

The best chocolate chip muffins (1) (2)

Chocolate chip scones


Homemade Nutella pop tarts

Pumpkin streusel muffins with cream cheese icing (1) (2)

Apple muffins

Coco-rum pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin muffins made from the cut out jack-o-lantern pieces

Chocolate chip buttermilk streusel muffins

Cranberry orange scones

Violet Beauregarde’s big blueberry muffins

Chocolate chip banana muffins

Orange ricotta pancakes

Donut muffins



Pumpernickel bread

Cherry cardamom hot cross buns

Spent grain French bread

Spent grain quick bread

Cardamom coffee can cake

Sourdough no-knead bread (plus a sourdough starter tutorial)

No-knead bread

Italian Easter egg bread

Hot cross muffins

English muffins made in canning rings

Mardi Gras sweet rolls

Chocolate chip panettone

Pan De Muerto

Rosemary & olive oil Levain

Basic Levain

French Bread

Cream cheese cinnamon rolls


Authentic Irish soda bread

Downey’s Irish soda bread (my adaptation)

Jay’s favorite 5-ingredient beer bread

Cranberry orange pound cake with orange butter rum sauce

Golden vanilla pound cake

Sour cream chocolate chip loaf

Olive oil cake

Lemon pound cake with glaze

The world’s best pound cake

Pumpkin walnut bread

Banana bread

Irish soda cake


Ossi di Morto (bones of the dead)

Donegal oatcakes

Savory cheddar & dill Madeleines

S’mores meringue cookies

Dark chocolate “melted monster” cookies

Easy vanilla jammy “sammy” (sandwich) cookies

Double dark chocolate “Lump of Coal” cookies

Pink coconut M&M chip cookies

Green sugar cookies

Linzer cookies (or tarts)

Alfajores con dulce de leche

Gingerbread cookies

Thumbprint cookies (vintage recipe)

Frosted maple pecan cookies

Figlets (fig cookies made with fig jam)

Coconut macaroons (with & without chocolate)

Shortbread cookies


Parliament Chunkadelic cookies

Chocolate drop cookies

Milan cookies

Maple-iced fall leaf cookies

Italian orange-filled chocolate polenta cookies


Fruit & walnut jammy bars

Bacon fat brownies

Figgy pudding cookie bars

“Campfire bars” made with Snackle Mouth Salty Chocolate granola (in photo above)

Debbie Harry cookie bars a.k.a. “Blondies”

The best brownies ever

Lemon cheesecake squares with blueberries

7-Layer magic cookie bars


Big’n’Soft dark chocolate baked donuts

Baked brown butter donuts with vanilla bean glaze

Baked chocolate donuts



Apple cider donuts

Biscuit doughnuts


Monster bark

Jameson whiskey caramel popcorn

White chocolate peanut butter cups filled with dark chocolate peanut butter filling

Homemade peanut butter cup candy

Homemade whipped cream in a jar

Irish potatoes

Caramel apples

Candied blood orange slices

Candied lemon peel

Peppermint bark

Five minute chocolate fudge

Marshmallow bones

Creamy cool mints


Jack-O-Lantern puddings

Vanilla bean panna cotta with fresh cherry sauce

Peanut butter affogato with dark chocolate covered espresso beans

Guinness ice cream floats with whiskey caramel

Cherry vanilla swirl ice cream

Chocolate chocolate whiskey ice cream with peanut butter whipped cream

Dark chocolate Guinness pudding with creme de menthe whipped cream

Influenza granita

Über vanilla bean pudding

Champagne parfaits (also called “champagne, Jell-O style”)

Cheesecake ice cream

Vanilla frozen yogurt parfaits

Vanilla frozen yogurt

Almond ice cream with crumbled Financiers (in photo above)

Vanilla cinnamon-crusted pudding

Butterscotch pudding

Double chocolate pudding (1) (2)

French vanilla ice cream

Minty green tea honey granita

Panna Cotta with balsamic strawberries

Peanut butter ice cream

Pomegranate granita

Lemon sorbet/granita

Lemon ice cream

Tapioca pudding

Vanilla bean ice cream


Gala apple jam with cardamom

Spiced nectarine jam

“Ring of Fire” peach + pepper jam (low-sugar)

Nectarine, blackberry & purple basil preserves

Blueberry & mint honey jam (pectin & sugar-free)

Bachelor’s jam (or rumtopf)

Green tea + jasmine cherry preserves

Raspberry cinnamon basil jam

Blood orange + red wine marmalade

Triple berry maple bourbon jam

Strawberry-rhubarb preserves

Dark chocolate pear preserves

Nectarine basil preserves

Tomato jam

Vanilla brandied peach jam

Blueberry basil jam

Vanilla-strawberry jam

Earl Grey milk jam

Delightfully gingery apple-cranberry preserves

Caramel apple jam (with vanilla bean & rum)

Spiked chocolate plum jam

Raspberry-jalapeño-cilantro jam

Blackberry lime jam

Blood orange marmalade

Double-C dark chocolate almond conserves

Low-sugar strawberry jam made with Xylitol & Pomona’s Pectin

Easy lemon-orange marmalade

Vanilla-brandy chestnut jam

Fig, plum & walnut conserves

Banana brown sugar jam (AKA banana butter)

Fig jam

Lemon-orange whiskey marmalade

Vanilla vodka cherry preserves

Lady Grey’s lemon marmalade

Earl Grey’s nectarine tea preserves

Strawberry preserves with chocolate liqueur

Easy blueberry jam (no canning required)

Blackberry raspberry peach jam

Rhubarb ginger jam


Hard apple cider jelly

Rose petal hibiscus tea jelly

Guinness jelly

Meyer lemon-cranberry jelly

Champagne jelly

Gingerbread spice jelly

Candy apple jelly

Tea jelly

Habanero jelly with rosemary

Mint jelly (1) (2)


Blood orange curd

Meyer lemon curd (canning safe)

Lemon curd


Maple whiskey pickled carrots

Rhubarb pickles

Quick pickled vegetables or “Giardiniera”

Caraway seed pickles

Pickled green tomatoes (Italian style)

French pickled garlic

Quick garden vegetable pickles

Martini pickles (made with vodka & olive juice)

Pickled asparagus

Pickled “fairy tale” eggplant

Sweet cinnamon clove pickles

Lemon garlic tarragon pickles

Maple-whiskey pickles version 2.0

Molotov Cocktail pickles with vodka

Melanzane Sott’Olio

Chive blossom vinegar refrigerator pickles

Asian-inspired quick pickles

Hop pickles (1) (2)

Whiskey/bourbon pickles (with or without maple) (1) (2)

Pickled red onions

Red wine vinegar & red onion refrigerator pickles

Grilled pickles


Arthur Schwartz’s Kosher dill pickles (1) (2)

Pickled red & green tomatoes

Spicy pickled carrots

Dilly beans

Habanero pickles

Basic pickles (Marilla’s Spicy Pickles)

Green coriander pickles

Peppers in oil

Hot garlic pickles

‘Fridge pickles

24-hour ‘fridge pickles




Bourbon peach peel butter

Maple-pumpkin butter


Fresh garden salsa (canned)

Whiskey caramel

Moroccan-style cranberry sauce

Pumpkin applesauce

Peach & pepper salsa

Cherry bourbon chocolate sauce

Pear-sauce with cardamom

New England cranberry compote

Guinness barbecue sauce

Amaretto cranberry sauce

Chinese Apple cranberry sauce

Salsa Fresca

Overripe tomato sauce

Crazy simple tomato sauce


Cherries in a light almond syrup

Mint julep peaches (peach slices in bourbon-mint syrup)

Sliced peaches in vanilla bean syrup

Moroccan Preserved lemons

Figs in brandy

Plum halves in syrup

Jar of hearts (whole strawberries in syrup)

Peaches in syrup


Medicinal pickled garlic

Spiced honey


Chive blossom vinegar with lemon

Lime simple syrup

Strawberry-infused vinegar

Chili oil

Tarragon vinegar

Blackberry honey syrup

Spice-infused milk

Ginger syrup

Cherry-infused bourbon

Chive blossom vinegar (in photo above)

Light strawberry syrup

Caramel-apple syrup


Mad Scientist’s Mocktail

DIY lemon vodka

Bacon bourbon

Woodchuck Hard Cider summer shandy

Homemade Irish cream liqueur

Pink velvet hot cocoa

Spiced bourbon

Apple pie bourbon

Banana daquiri’s

Homemade hot cocoa

Chai concentrate

Homemade fermented ginger beer

Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail

Candy corn vodka

Homemade pumpkin spice latte mix

Sun tea & cold brewed tea

Cold-brewed coffee

Cupcake cocktail


Oven-roasted tomatoes with basil, oregano and garlic

Salsa semplice aka tomato sauce (easiest tomato sauce ever)

Roasted asparagus with brown butter balsamic sauce

Grilled Fairytale eggplant with fresh herbs & tomato

Three cheese stovetop mac

Deep dish pizza made in a cake pan

“Googy-eggs” aka soft-boiled eggs

Guinness “beef & stout” pies

Open-face tomato & feta sandwich

Southern pickled shrimp (in olive oil) (in photo above)

Garlic & herb “white” macaroni & cheese

Flat Iron steak with oven roasted potato wedges

Tomato basil risotto


Macaroni & cheese with bacon

Grilled pizza

Leftover fried rice

French-toasted chicken sandwiches

Risotto col vino

Quick & easy Shepherd’s Pie

The perfect pizza (thick crust)

Drunken Shepherd’s Pie

Healthy penne

Stuffed potatoes with Boursin

Parmesan risotto

Homemade meatball subs

Turkey meatballs & sauce

Black & Tan Irish macaroni & cheese

Chive risotto cakes

Pasta with potatoes, leeks & broccoli

Slumber party potatoes

Paula Deen’s macaroni & cheese (with egg)

Fried pickles

Three cheese spirals

Easy margherita pizza

Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna

Buffalo chicken mac-n’-cheese

Mushroom risotto

Mac-n’-cheese with cayenne

Broccoli pies (1) (2)

Cheddar dill scones

Tortilla soup

Best way to make white rice

Chili-rubbed steak with onion rings & pico de gallo

Pulled pork carnitas

Spring risotto with peas & zucchini

Cheesy broccoli mac

Basic pizza crust (1) (2)

Angel hair pasta & spicy shrimp

Comforting mac-n’-cheese

Lavash crackers & vegan dip

Shrimp po’ boys

Chicken parm subs

Lasagna (with meat)

Pan-fried ravioli


Pseudo-Dutch potato salad with bacon

Sour cream-y potato salad

Tangy four color Bell pepper salad

Lower fat/lower calorie macaroni salad with a yogurt-based dressing

Chive blossom egg salad

Pickled & Preserved macaroni salad

Dilly bean potato salad




Citrus salt

Hot ricotta dip

Homemade butter


Breakfast foods.


Triple stone-fruit breakfast crisp

Maple-pumpkin overnight oats

Homemade bagels (1) (2 – easier)


Catnip, baby food & brown rice flour cat treats


Peanut butter pupcakes

Blueberry bone biscuits

Banana, honey & cinnamon pupcakes

Flax seed & parsley breath biscuits