Simple summer cocktail: Woodchuck shandy.

When I was asked to try some summery recipes involving Woodchuck Hard Cider, I couldn’t possibly say no. Hard cider is one of my FAVORITE drinks. I could drink hard cider all day long & never get tired of it! However I usually associate it with autumn or the colder months.

Which I’ve now learned is a really silly idea, because Woodchuck has some amazing spring & summer ciders!

Woodchuck Summer hard cider, turned into a shandy!

The first one I chose to make a cocktail with is the limited edition Summer flavor. Woodchuck ciders are meticulously handcrafted in Vermont where a cider-master oversees the entire process, making sure each product is worthy before it leaves the cidery.

A simple summer shandy made from Woodchuck Hard Cider's summer edition & lemonade.

About the limited “Summer” edition, direct from the Woodchuck Hard Cider website:

The sounds of the lapping lake-shores, the mountain views, and memories of fresh picked blueberries, now in a convenient six-pack. Exhibiting a slight tartness, this cider begins with a full, robust flavor followed by a rich summertime taste.

It sounded pretty special, and when I cracked it open it tasted pretty special. Full of light blueberry flavor, of course it screamed “summer!” so I had to combine it with one of the best blueberry-complimentary fruits & one of summer’s ultimate drinks: lemonade.

Woodchuck cider summer shandy cocktail!

Yeah, it’s simple, but isn’t the simple stuff always the best? Just crack open a bottle or can, pour it in a glass and add one more thing. Even though it’s totally simple it makes the summer cider taste very different.

Traditionally, a shandy is:

A shandy is beer mixed with a soft drinkcarbonated lemonadeginger beerginger ale, or apple juice. The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, usually half-and-half. Nonalcoholic shandies are known as “rock shandies”.


Summer Shandy's made with Woodchuck summer hard cider.

Shandy’s are great this time of year. Even the name brings back a simpler time, sitting on the porch, sipping a cold beverage. They’re also very easy, and fun to make. You can make all kinds of combinations of shandy’s. Using sparkling water or seltzer is another idea- perhaps some Polar blueberry or lemon seltzer? That would make it lower in calories & sugar, as well. In theory, even some Pellegrino Limonata would be excellent!

For this particular cocktail, we liked a ratio of 1:1. 

Woodchuck hard cider's summer edition mixed with lemonade to make a delicious summer cocktail.

You can make it less or more depending on taste. All you have to do is pour your cider (or beer) into a glass, then pour an equal amount of lemonade or pink lemonade. Add some slices of lemon, and ta da! Instant summer cocktail. You can play around with the ratios too, if you’d prefer a stronger cocktail or a weaker one. Or add a third element. Maybe bourbon?

You could also add some fresh mint leaves or fresh whole blueberries because the summer.

The Woodchuck Belgian White cider would also be amazing with some lemonade & a slice of orange. Try it out on a hot summer day… you won’t be sorry. And stay tuned here for more Woodchuck Hard Cider recipes!

Woodchuck Hard Cider cocktail: a Shandy made with lemonade!

Click here to find out where you can buy yourself some Woodchuck.

 Disclaimer: Woodchuck Cider sent me an assortment of ciders to taste & create cocktails or recipes with. They did not tell me what to say or do, and didn’t influence me in any way. All opinions in this post are mine & mine alone! I was not compensated in any financial or monetary fashion.
SOUNDTRACK: Sublime – “Summertime”
Sources & credits: 12 oz. quilted crystal Ball® jar; available at, glass pitcher; vintage, red gingham picnic tablecloth; vintage.
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  1. Eileen

    I’ve never seen Woodchuck in a can before! So excited to see more interesting beers & ciders branching out this way. It’s definitely going on the shortlist of things to drink this summer now.

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