Think Outside the Blog: week 13.

Hey all! It’s week 13 of Think Outside the Blog, can you believe it? Thirteen weeks flew by.


Original photo & poster credited to MEANDTHIS.

I’ve been absent a few weeks, but things have been a bit crazy around here. Between the holidays, then trying to catch up with blog stuff, a mini-vacation & then some regular old personal life stuff… I haven’t really had time to sit down on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning & create a blog post for the blog hop. That sucks of me, I know. But it wasn’t intentional and I hope it doesn’t happen often. I appreciate Dawn so much for doing all this work every week with the code, etc. She’s totally on top of things!

But here we are, and here I am, so let’s get to the point, right? Enough of my babbling. I’m sure you all know what this blog hop is all about by now, but just in case you don’t, it’s explained below. Let’s get to it!


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