TOTB Week 9: Welcome to 2013!

It’s our first Think Outside the Blog blog hop for the new year, so HAPPY 2013! Welcome to anyone who’s new, and hi again to anyone who’s been with us for previous weeks. We took some time off from the hop to spend the holidays offline with our families (somewhat.. haha), eat, drink & be merry… so we skipped 2 weeks. Don’t worry, though, we’re back again! We haven’t left you forever.

We usually ask that you link to a post that’s been made within 7 days of today. It doesn’t ever have to be about anything specific, just as long as it’s within the last week. However I think this week, seeing how we’ve all been busy with the holidays, that rule doesn’t have to apply. Just have fun!

I look forward to meeting you all. Now let’s get to it!


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