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Homemade canned tomato sauce.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’ve been getting some insanely large tomatoes this year from our garden. Insane. I already used a bunch to make that hot tomato and peach jam, I gave some massive 1 1/2 lb. ones away and then I found myself with another 8 lbs. of them. And in this heat we’ve been having, you can’t just be lax and let them sit around for a while, you have to use them or they’ll get mushy and it’ll be a waste.

Last year I showed you all how to make my favorite simple tomato sauce. Well, this one isn’t quite as simple, and takes a lot longer to make. But the benefits are that it’ll keep all winter long and you can store it in your cabinets until you’re ready to use it.

Canned tomato sauce.

I have always wanted to do this, and either didn’t have enough tomatoes at once to make it worthwhile or used up all my tomatoes making salsa (I love salsa, guys. I really do). So this year when Jay mentioned that it was the one thing he really wanted to do, I agreed.

I found this recipe over at An Oregon Cottage. It’s from the old Ball Blue Book’s seasoned tomato sauce, and while it’s not included in current prints, it’s still safe and fine to be used.

What I did- since I didn’t have 23 lbs. of tomatoes- is I altered the measurements for my tomatoes. You can do the same. Just be sure to use the measurements exactly as given and divide them by what your amounts are, and not just use whatever measurements you want if you’re going to actually process them for shelf-stability.

Canned homemade tomato sauce.

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