It’s a Christmas-y Think Outside the Blog Thursday!

Okay, so it really isn’t Christmas-themed. But it’s the last Thursday before Christmas, so that makes it Christmas-y to me! Either way, it’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for the THINK OUTSIDE THE BLOG HOP! So sit down, grab a cup of cocoa or hot buttered rum, and let’s get to business.

I’m settling in nicely with my new MacBook Pro– yes, miss June Carter, my much beloved pink Dell laptop died an unexpected death last week, which is why I missed last week’s blog hop. And of course, she had to be replaced (what’s a graphic designer/artist/blogger without a computer?!). So it was decided that I was due for an upgrade… and despite what I said in this post, now I’ve got a beautiful Mac with a Snow White decal & an adorable little handmade eco-friendly case that’s on it’s way from Germany. I’m Marilla, and I’m no longer a PC. So I’m back in the game with a new laptop & I’m ready to go!

But before we start with the blog hop this week, I wanna share a favorite Christmas tune with you, just to help get you in the spirit!

Alright… now, on to the blog hop:



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  1. ari

    All of my good friends are leaving for a Mac. I hope to one day be awesome enough to be Team Mac, until then I’ll proudly be Team PC! LOL!

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