It’s a Christmas-y Think Outside the Blog Thursday!

Okay, so it really isn’t Christmas-themed. But it’s the last Thursday before Christmas, so that makes it Christmas-y to me! Either way, it’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for the THINK OUTSIDE THE BLOG HOP! So sit down, grab a cup of cocoa or hot buttered rum, and let’s get to business.

I’m settling in nicely with my new MacBook Pro- yes, miss June Carter, my much beloved pink Dell laptop died an unexpected death last week, which is why I missed last week’s blog hop. And of course, she had to be replaced (what’s a graphic designer/artist/blogger without a computer?!). So it was decided that I was due for an upgrade… and despite what I said in this post, now I’ve got a beautiful Mac with a Snow White decal & an adorable little handmade eco-friendly case that’s on it’s way from Germany. I’m Marilla, and I’m no longer a PC. So I’m back in the game with a new laptop & I’m ready to go!

But before we start with the blog hop this week, I wanna share a favorite Christmas tune with you, just to help get you in the spirit!

Alright… now, on to the blog hop:



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  1. ari

    All of my good friends are leaving for a Mac. I hope to one day be awesome enough to be Team Mac, until then I’ll proudly be Team PC! LOL!

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