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34 weeks!

November 1, 2017

Holy freakin’ moly has time flew by.  I’m not lying when I say that this entire pregnancy went by SO FAST. My last update was 6 weeks ago… insane. I feel like I didn’t even have time to breathe let alone do anything before the 9 months is up. Or maybe that’s just the shortness of breath. *shrug* Anyway, that’s the latest photo taken yesterday on Halloween. Yes, he’s already reading. He’s very advanced. (Shirt from MilkyWayTShirts on Etsy)

The past month or so brought a few hiccups in my otherwise uneventful gestation. My blood pressure was a bit high at one of my appointments so I had to go back and get rechecked to rule out preeclampsia. Well, it was high again when I went back.

Thankfully preeclampsia was (so far) ruled out based on blood and urine tests, and I’m fine- however I’m being “forced” to rest. Since the numbers are erratic and keep going up and down. Little nugget is causing me an awful lot of trouble for someone who’s not quite even here yet!

I started to get worried and stressed about this, and then I realized that this is just my body. I can rest and drink water and put my feet up…but ultimately my body is going to do what it’s going to do. I have to work with it, work around it, and not let it get me more wound up. I’m lucky to have made it 7+ months with no worries, and this is just a blip. Of course, now that means he’s probably arriving early….  and I’m so not ready! Haha. He’s perfectly fine however. Measures larger than average, heartbeat strong. Look at my little street fighter and his fist!

Of course, then I pulled a muscle in the side of my abdomen and it hurt to walk or stand for a few days. That was fun! When I say hurt I mean it hurt so bad I wanted to cry and/or curse someone out. I actually thought it was contractions! That’s how bad it was. Even sleeping was uncomfortable. I got up from the couch and it brought tears to my eyes. That too, worked itself out, thankfully. The very last thing I need at this stage is to not be able to move! I have to pee every five minutes, I can’t cry every time. However the back pain is still alive and kicking! Every day now, without fail. Some days it’s worse than others and it lasts all day. Other days it’s only at night or when I get home.

I’m beginning to just get uncomfortable. I know I’m in the home stretch… and I think the thought of NOT being pregnant anymore is so exciting yet sad that I have all these weird emotions about it. I really just want to drink wine while wearing my favorite jeans that have no elastic band at the top. I can’t wait to sleep flat on my back on one pillow and not wake up to pee every hour. But at the same time, I’m going to miss this a lot, and I do love my maternity jeans.

Anyway, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be! I have my diaper bag (Honest Co backpack) and it’s filled with what bubs will need to come home from the hospital. I’ve got my bag and I’m starting to pack it. The stroller/car seat combo is ready to go and we’ve got extra bases for the grandparents cars. I’ve got tons of breastfeeding stuff (gel soothies, nipple shields, storage bags, etc) thanks to a friend who had brand new extras that she won’t be using, and I got my breast pump free from insurance (thanks Obama).

So… looks like I’ll end up with a little pumpkin/turkey instead of a little elf.

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