The Friday Fifteen: Christmas edition.


Can you believe it’s already December 7th? I can’t. I’ve been saying that with every single edition of The Friday Fifteen, but it’s true. I couldn’t believe it when it was October, or November, either. I can’t even comprehend the fact that 2012 is almost over. This year flew by so fast… which is a good thing, because I’m ready for a new year. But at the same time it’s so crazy how it just seems like yesterday I was writing up Christmas posts for last year, saying I couldn’t believe 2011 was ending. Time really does fly.

But, all that said, it’s time for a new list of things I’m loving this time of year. Also known as…

  1. It’s snowing at Cupcake Rehab! Every year, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving & continuing until Valentine’s Day (sometimes a little later), it snows on the blog. I think it’s so cute. I know some people actually wait for it every year, like it’s Santa Claus, haha. *cough*Yoyo*cough* But anyway, it’s my favorite kind of snow because it doesn’t have to be shoveled & it doesn’t wreck my shoes. You have to go to the main blog page to see it, sadly, but it’s worth it I promise!
  2. The Etsy Holiday Gift Guide! You know I’m a contributor over there at, so of course my ideas for holidays gifts are included. But there are a ton more ideas coming!
  3. The idea that 7-layer magic cookie bars are in the near future. I love me some magic bars. And Christmas cookies of all varieties, really.
  4. Excited for snowy night movie marathons: Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and Elf. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Custom painted KitchenAid stand mixers. At 2 grand a pop, they’re not a gift to sneeze at. Would you buy one? I have to say… I would! Haha. That “noir leopard” model is SCREAMING my name.
  6. Twinkling white Christmas lights. Not blinking, not flashing, not chasing… twinkling. So pretty to mix a set of them in with a regular white set on your tree.
  7. Jay bought me this adorable Meri Meri® Merry and Bright Christmas cupcake set from Sur La Table and I can’t wait to use it for my Christmas Eve/Christmas Day cupcake baking.
  8. Speaking of Jay, whenever he goes away to play shows with his band, he always brings me back a bunch of goodies. One of the goodies he brought back from the last trip was Canus goat’s milk organic lip balm. It smells like spearmint gum and is so smooth. I love it. It’s become my new favorite lip balm (and I have a lot of lip balm). If you know a lip balm addict, you should think about getting them one of these as a stocking stuffer.
  9. Tiny Things Are Cute is one of my absolute favorite spots on the interwebs to not just kill time & squeal about adorable (tiny) things, but also to get cupcake topper ideas. Tiny Christmas pixies? Little Snowman hats? Colorful racecars? Plastic crayons? You name it, they’ve got it.. and for pretty cheap, too.
  10. JINGLE BELL CAKE POPS. I love ’em! Bakerella never disappoints.
  11. Can someone buy me this awesome bag from Hickoree’s? Please? And then fill it with other awesome stuff from Hickoree’s?
  12. Dunkin’ Donuts Peppermint Mocha K-cups. Ya’ll know how much I love my Keurig.
  13. My new DARK hair! The blonde was awesome, yes, but it was killing me. Too much upkeep. And I had it for almost a year.. it was time. So yes… I’m dark brown again. No more blonde mohawk! I’m back to my roots. Literally. Time to update my ‘About’ picture, eh?
  14. If you’re looking for any ideas for Christmas, check out my Christmas category. I’ve got cookies, cupcakes, conserves, tons of stuff!
  15. My prep bowls (see picture below)! I have a few sets, but these pastel ones are so freakin’ cute & cheery, they make me smile. In the darkest, snowiest, coldest days of winter, when the sun seems to hide… if it ever came out at all… it’s nice to have these to make your day brighter.

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