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28 weeks and counting.

September 21, 2017

That sounds like another show from those creepy Duggar’s doesn’t it? Haha.

So, it’s been a while. Almost two months since I did a bumpdate (get it? Bump update??) and that’s mainly because things have been quiet. Few appointments, mainly just for the glucose challenge (which I passed with flying colors) and bloodwork. Nothing terribly exciting, other than hearing his heartbeat again. But this week we had another sonogram since I’m 28w1d as of today, so I thought I’d share it because I’m a proud mom.

Those 3D ultrasounds can be a little scary! But he’s a cutie anyway.

We’re at the stage now where we have to pick a pediatrician and get the ducks in a row for the hospital. So much paperwork involved! Isn’t it amazing how years ago people just had babies? Now you get a packet of 100’s of papers that all need to be filled out and sent places. Insurance, hospitals… ugh.

But it’s still an amazing experience. The photo above is from 24w3d. This one below is from 27w2d. Not much of a difference, really. Okay, okay, fine… my toes are disappearing now.


Another photo I took a few weeks back- before we were in DOUBLE DIGITS. Our chalkboard front door is officially the baby K countdown! Yes his name starts with a K, and no you will not guess it. Just wait patiently for his arrival.

Back pain is a daily- no, daily AND nightly thing. The heating pad is my BFF. Which is also rough because my body temperature feels like its always at 115° F. I am always feeling hot and poor Jay is probably freezing all the time because I have the air conditioner on 60° at all times. Unless it’s cool outside, in which case all windows have to be wide open. I’m seriously looking forward to autumn and winter and some cool(er) weather.

Baby kicks and moves and flips a lot. Most often early in the morning or at night while I’m falling asleep. Or attempting to. But now he’s starting to move during the day too, which is sweet. He did kick me in my bladder recently which wasn’t pleasant but I’m sure there’s more of that to come- albeit less vigorous- as he gets bigger and the real estate gets smaller.

All in all, I’ve been enjoying being pregnant so much. I will really, genuinely miss it come December. I’ve had a great experience so far.

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