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The “Happy 3rd birthday, Cupcake Rehab” giveaway!

September 12, 2010



Today marks the third year of my officially having this blog! I can’t believe it- time flies. I’m really happy that three years ago I started doing this, because through this I’ve met some wonderful, beautiful people, and found some awesome stores on the web (who’ve sent me some amazing things to try!); i.e. Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes Bakery & Cupcakery Supplies, Sutton Gourmet Paper, sweet estelle’s baking supply, Cupcake Crafts 4 U, and Sourpuss Clothing. Not to mention the amazing stores that I’ve found just by clicking links on other blogs: Two Lumps of Sugar, Fancy Flours, Bake It Pretty, and Pop Deluxe! I love all my readers and fans and Twitter followers, and I hope the next three years are just as fun as the last three were.

It’s funny because when I started this blog, I had no idea what it’d become. I had no idea I’d end up with over 600+ views a day and almost 400 fans on Facebook. To me, someone who started this on a lark, that’s a big deal. I remember when I had my old blog, I remember my first post there (it transferred to the dot com when I imported my entries, you can see it here), and then I remember when Jay surprised me with the dot com- it was so exciting! And here we are now.

Last year I had a big giveaway in honor of my blog baby’s birthday, and this year it’s no different. Well, it is sorta different, because the rules are different this year. But first, lets talk about the prizes, shall we?


First off, Yoyo from is donating a cupcake print half-apron as well as a cupcake print tote, headband, pouch and key fob! You can view her webstore here and check out her awesome merchandise (and maybe buy something?). Please note: these items pictured are not the items you will recieve- Yoyo is CUSTOM MAKING the items for the giveaway, these are just examples!

And then, Lyns from Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes Bakery & Cupcakery Supplies is donating cupcake liners & some cupcakery supplies to the lucky winner as well. Isn’t that cool? Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And cupcake liners? Lunatics, that’s who. From Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes Bakery & Cupcakery Supplies the winner will get:

100 pack of rainbow cupcake liners (regular size)!

…and Sparkling confetti-colored sugar!


And wait- I’m not done! The winner will also get a cookbook with 150 home recipes from Brianne at Iron Chef Mommy. Her daughter’s playgroup every year sells the cookbooks to raise money, and this year she’s kindly offered to donate one to the winner of my giveaway!  The cookbooks won’t be available until October 3rd or around there, so Brianne will send it out as soon as it comes in!


So the winner will be getting something like 8 prizes, maybe more, of well over $50.00 in value. Probably closer to $100.00! Lucky bastard. So I know, you’re all wondering, “How do I win all this neato swag, daddy-o?”

Well this year the giveaway is way easier than last year. All you have to do this year is:

  • Leave a comment telling me what your favorite CUPCAKE recipe is that I have posted on this blog. It could be from way back in 2007, from last week, or it could be the Neapolitan cupcakes I made for Cupcake Rehab’s first birthday, or the cupcakes I list here tomorrow- whatever! Just tell me which one, if you can, please link to it, and tell me why it’s your favorite. It’s that simple.
  • If you want to up your chances of winning, you can follow me on Twitter & become a fan on Facebook as well (just make sure you send me a tweet/leave a comment on the Cupcake Rehab Facebook wall telling me you entered and your name!). Each time you do one of those things, you can comment again, so you get counted another time, so you have up to three chances of winning. Again, it would be nice if you linked to the recipe.
  • But wait… there’s one more way! If you have a blog, and you blog about the giveaway, or mention it (with a link to this post) in your blog, you’ll be entered a fourth time. Just come on back here and comment again with a link to your blog post! Remember, you don’t have to do all four things, if you don’t have a blog, or a Twitter, or a Facebook page, that’s totally fine. You can still enter by commenting & telling me what your favorite recipe on the blog is & why. But if you do have those things, then by all means, come & get your extra chances of winning!

It will be chosen by a randomizer, so it will be totally and completely objective and unbiased, anyone can enter, anyone can win. Totally easy, right? Yep. But the thing is… you only have two weeks to do it. On September 26th, the giveaway ends. So get to searching the archives, everyone! In between now and the 26th, the blog will continue. I’ll be posting other recipes, etc. On the 26th I’ll close the comments here, pick the winner, and edit this post to announce who won. I’ll then send the winner an e-mail asking for their full name, address, etc.

What are my favorite recipes I’ve made? Oh lord.

Hmm… what’s my favorite cupcake recipe?! (apron from Two Lumps of Sugar)


Well, if I’m being honest (and boring), vanilla cupcakes (frosted with almost anything) is always a favorite of mine. I always say my favorite cupcake recipe is the Magnolia Bakery vanilla. And that’s true. But I do have others, and to be frank, any vanilla recipe is good to me. I love a good white cupcake, either Martha’s or not. I also like Billy’s Bakery’s vanilla cupcake recipe & Amy Sedaris’ recipe ain’t bad. However…

I love love LOVE this recipe for mocha chocolate cupcakes made with coffee. My favorite chocolate cupcake recipe is here. My favorite fruity cupcakes are these lemon yogurt ones (which were really lemony & delicious) and these coconut & lime cupcakes. Speaking of coconut- Ina Garten’s coconut cupcakes are beyond amazeballs and  have to be one of my favorites, especially with a coconut buttercream. My favorite alcohol based cupcakes? I’d have to say the chocolate stout cupcakes, with the Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcakes a very close second. As far as the most delectable & decadent? S’mores cupcakes, by far. The marshmallow fluff frosting is teeth-achingly good. The most sophisticated cupcake- tea cakes with Earl Grey icing. The cupcake that most surprised me, flavor-wise, was the recipe I made for Mardi-Gras, based on King’s Cake. The lemony-nutmeg combination was so good.  My favorite cupcakes, decorating-wise are definitely the pointsettia cupcakes I made for Christmas.

I could go on, and on, and on… but I won’t. I’ll stop there and let you all take it from here. So what is YOUR favorite cupcake recipe that I’d made/posted, and why? Tell me * & you might win some awesome prizes.

*Note: picking the same favorite as one that I picked will NOT get you any brownie points. Like I said, the winner will be chosen via a randomizer on the web, so no favorites!
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Car Bomb cupcakes (Guinness cake with Baileys Buttercream) and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate Buttercream.

    Happy Birthday Blog!

  2. It’s hard to pick a fave, but I am a simple girl in respect to recipes, so I would say my favorite is the Magnolia’s Bakery recipe for vanilla cupcakes. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been so willing to try it, but your comments and reviews helped me. Let’s face it…there are sooo many recipes for vanilla cupcakes, and I have hit some duds, but I love this one!!! It has a great flavor and texture! So thanks, and I am happy I discovered your blog. I already follow you on both Twitter and FB! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome stuff!

  3. Opps..I thought I was following you on Twitter (it was Facebook) but I had to request it just now. 🙂

  4. Like yourself I love a good vanilla cupcake. I stumbled upon your fb site by accident and became a twitterfan. I was never much of a baker aside from the store bought. I lost my job a few months back and found comfort in baking. Your Magnolia Bakery recipe was the first one I had ever made from scratch and never looked back. You have been such a great help and inspiration. Thanks so much for unleashing the inner baker in me 😉 Happy 3rd birthday Cupcake Rehab!

  5. I love the apple cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream! i just tried them last week and I swear that with each day they got better!!! Happy Birthday!

  6. I loved making the Car Bomb cupcakes…and my friends love eating them. The Bailey’s are another favorite. However, my favorite recipe, is actually the donut muffin recipe. I could eat these everyday!

  7. I love your blog! and thanks for all the ideas &Recipes you share with all of us. Well my favorite cupcakes recipe is Jay’s birthday “Car Bombs.” GUINNESS STOUT CUPCAKES with BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM BUTTER CREAM FROSTING these are my favorite because my grandfather has always loved Guinness and when he turned 80 I made these for him and he LOVED them & now ever since I have fond memories of that birthday & how much he loved these cupcakes. thanks again!

  8. My fave were the Mint Creme de Menthe cupcakes Delicious 🙂 Happy Blog Birthday and Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  9. BTW…love your blog! Come here daily to read.
    My favorite is the Cinnamon Vanilla cupcakes with the Mexican Hot chocolate buttercream!

    I made it for work one day and it was a HUGE hit!!

  10. My favorites are the white chocolate pomegranate cupcakes!!!! I like to swirl the icing on top, then slowly drizzle the glaze on top. And I would LOVE to win all these cupcake things!!

  11. I just love the recent one you posted… I mean, nutella swirlled frosting. Imagine the possibilities (namely a traditional hazelnut cake base, and some sort of raspberry or berry frosting)…. filled with nutella

    nom nom

  12. My favorite McCupcake cupcake is any that you make for me…..Love you & *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Cupcake Rehab! I’m so proud of you in so many ways, this blog is just one more! XOXO

  13. I just tried your Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate [] last night as here in Mexico we were celebrating 200 years of independence. They were RIQUISIMO! I did make a minor substitution and used Abuelita POWERED hot chocolate instead of the coco and spices. My guests were thrilled with them, as was my one year old daughter.

    Felicidades por tres anos y espero que hay mucho anos mas en el futuro! I’m so thrilled to have found this fabulous resource!

  14. The Buttermilk Choc Chip Streusel Muffins!!!

    Just saw the post from someone saying Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcakes with Mexican Hot Chocolate Buttercream was their fave. Now I’’m dying to make those!!!

  15. Happy 3rd Birthday! I love your site & all your wonderful recipes. We have a little local cake supply shop that I turned on to your site & they love it too!! I LOVE ALL CUPCAKES! But to pick a fav would have to be the Mocho Chocolate ones with coffee…I think that’s what’s for dessert tonight!

  16. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday!! I love your blog…not only are your recipes fabulous, but your comments are so witty and creative – this definitely makes you a stand out amongst the rest! I LOVE ALL THE CUPCAKES…but two of my favorites would have to be the Car Bomb Cupcakes – chocolate and guiness = YUM and Pooh’s Honey Cupcakes, simply because I love Winne the Pooh and honey 😉
    Thanks for blogging!! Keep up the good work!

  17. I love reading these blogs& find them very helpful in suggesting everyone’s favorite tried & loved recipes.Keep the communication going & I’ll keep baking & gaining weight!!!

  18. I think the Car Bomb cupcakes are my favorite. I made them for St. Patricks Day and brought them into work and people still talk about them. All the time. In fact, I’m having a really hard time topping them! Everytime I bring a different dessert into work, everyone tells me they aren’t as good as those cupcakes. oi!

  19. my favorite cupcake recipe on here is the mexican hot chocolate cupcakes!
    i’m a sucker for chocolate and cinnamon combo and this recipe is ridiculously easy to convert to gluten free because they use cake mix (blasphemous, i know, but i’m lazy). they are simple to make and i don’t think they’ve ever lasted 24 hrs in my house! 🙂

    happy 3rd birthday cupcake rehab! 🙂

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