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Peanut butter maple syrup!

Peanut butter maple syrup.

I’m baaaaaaaaack! And with something totally fun and awesome and kid-friendly and husband-friendly. Peanut butter maple syrup. As in, peanut butter mixed with maple syrup, all ready to pour over waffles and pancakes. Or ice cream. Or cake. Or salad, if you’re kinky. Whatever, no judgement.

I know I’ve been gone for a long time. But work is crazy, life is crazy, and I’m trying to balance it all with renovating parts of our house little by little. There have also been some “family emergencies” mixed in that weren’t so pleasant, and some not so great news as well as some awesome news. We’re all okay, so don’t worry or be concerned. Just the usual life kinda stuff interrupting my blogging reverie!

Peanut butter maple syrup.

*sigh* No excuses. You can stop playing the violin for me now, I know I should be posting more. But honestly, I haven’t really even been cooking much lately. That will change I promise- our garden is in full swing and it’s time for jams and pickles and goodies!

So… this is not my idea. I got this idea from Jess Seinfeld (yes, Jerry’s wife) on Instagram. However I thought it was brilliant, and that it could be adapted to anything. Like, for example, mix some strawberry jam with maple syrup and butter and you have strawberry maple syrup! GENIUS.

Peanut butter maple syrup!

You can also use ANY KIND OF NUT BUTTER. Sunflower, almond, peanut, pistachio (is that a thing?), whatever. Whatever floats your boat.

All you have to do is gather up:

  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter or coconut butter
  • 1 heaping tablespoon peanut butter (or other butter)
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup

Melt the butter over low heat. Add the nut butter, whisking the entire time, then pour in the maple syrup. Whisk like crazy until it’s all combined and smooth. Pour in a jar, or right over your pancakes.

Peanut butter maple syrup.

Isn’t it so gorgeous???

Like I said, the same principle applies to any kind of jam or butter product. Even a fruit butter, I’m sure, like apple butter or pumpkin butter would work. Think of how a blueberry maple syrup would be! GAH!

I bet.. and this is me just being wild ‘n’ crazy here… you could make peanut butter and jelly maple syrup. Wow. I just blew my own mind. 

Peanut butter maple syrup.

I’ll be back soon with more recipes- including more yummy stuff involving Rainier cherries! And other super cool stuff. I promise. I never lie to you, do I?

In the meantime, go have some fun with your nut butters. Heh.

Soundtrack: “Ex’s and Oh’s” – Elle King