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Amish baking at it’s best… Shoo-fly pie.

Shoo-fly pie is one of those extremely interesting pies that’s really nothing more than sugar. It’s a goo-pie, really. Made with sticky molasses & sugar. And a little flour, and baking soda. But mostly sugar. Obviously, it’s one of my favorite things. So back when Jay surprised me with a new cook book, I was […]

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Vanilla-strawberry jam cakes.

Sometimes you just want a really quick dessert that isn’t chocolate. Or maybe you don’t, but other people might. Some people are fruit people. I know a lot of folks that, when given the option, will take a fruit salad or blueberry pie over a dark chocolate cake or decadent seven layer salted caramel chocolate […]

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Go nuts for Nutella with the easiest desserts EVER.

Okay, what I’m giving you today is quite possibly the easiest dessert duo EVER. Hands down. You don’t even have to DO ANYTHING. Minimal effort, minimal cost, minimal actions can get you two adorable & delectable little last-minute desserts. What are they? “Nutella Purses” and “Nutella Tarts”, both made using Nutella (duh) and Pillsbury┬« products. […]

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