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No-bake cupcakes.

In the vein of Natalie’s posts about the weird ways people use search engines to get to her page, I thought I’d share this with you all since its pretty funny. No, I am not going to give a recipe for ‘no-bake cupcakes’ because, as far as I know, in this realm/universe/earth/world/etc, there is only […]

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Can a blog pack its bags?

Because this one is moving! Not yet, obviously, so don’t go changing your links just yet… but thats just a taste of some of the big stuff thats coming in the Cupcake Rehab world. I know, I’m terrible at keeping secrets. Oh well! I’ll let you guys know when the site opens and the blog […]

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Big happenings…

Big things coming for Cupcake Rehab, folks. Big things. Keep an eye out. Don’t poke an eye out, or put an eye out, or… actually, “keep an eye out” is a really weird expression isn’t it? Lets just be super cheesy and say, “stay tuned.” 🙂 EDIT: Thanks WordPress! PSST… SHARE THIS:

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For Boston!

I bought a new hand mixer a few days ago because my old one went to the big appliance store in the sky, and I was dying to use it. But I’ve been sorta busy and distracted so I didn’t get to until tonight. It was extremely windy and snowing today, and tomorrow is supposed […]

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