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Quick peach cobbler.

How’s your summer going, everyone!? I hope you’re all eating and drinking and growing (veggies- not your waistline) and swimming and beaching your way through the season. I haven’t had much time to bake, plus it’s been hot. But after having some peaches left after my first foray into the 2016 peach/nectarine portion of my […]

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Hot tomato & peach jammin’!

I’ve been harvesting a lot of tomatoes from the garden lately. I know, I haven’t done my annual garden post. I haven’t had the time (yet). But just know that everything is growing like crazy. I’ve picked about 12 tomatoes and so far other than the small Yellow Taxi tomatoes, each one has been around […]

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Almond ricotta cannoli cake with fresh fruit.

(This was originally written for a contributor post on eighteen25, go take a look and see! And look for more posts by me over there soon.) July 4th was America’s 240th birthday, and July 5th was my mother’s (definitely not 240th) birthday. So every year I usually ask her what she’d like me to bake for her and I do the baking […]

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Whole cherries in coconut syrup.

Last year, I made whole canned cherries in a light almond syrup. This year, I knew I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what. Enter: coconut. I heard from my dad about a coconut, cherry and pistachio cake (because he wanted me to make it, natch) and I thought maybe I could […]

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Peanut butter maple syrup!

I’m baaaaaaaaack! And with something totally fun and awesome and kid-friendly and husband-friendly. Peanut butter maple syrup. As in, peanut butter mixed with maple syrup, all ready to pour over waffles and pancakes. Or ice cream. Or cake. Or salad, if you’re kinky. Whatever, no judgement. I know I’ve been gone for a long time. […]

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Blueberry mint & honey jam muffins.

(This was originally written for a contributor post on eighteen25, go take a look and see! And look for more posts by me over there soon.) It’s always a mouthful, these titles of mine. These muffins are also known as boredom muffins. Or “3 am craving muffins.” Or “muffins you make when you wanna eat a muffin and you […]

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