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Pie are squared, or 2πr.

Did you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and/or Happy Hanukkah? I had an excellent holiday, & since Jay worked both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, I got a third day of celebrating in yesterday on the 26th, filled with awesome gifts & copious amounts of food. And since our holiday celebration with Jay’s […]

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Preserving: traditions… and some fruits, nuts & tea.

I’ve heard a lot recently about keeping traditions alive, especially after someone has passed away. For me it’s important. Vital, even. And that’s been something that has always been important in my family. The year my great-grandfather Tom died in late November (my grandmother’s father), her & my grandpa put up a Christmas tree. A […]

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Military Monday.

Vintage WWII poster … I’ve been taking some time off from my Military Mondays this month, which you probably noticed. I haven’t forgotten our armed forces, though. And I hope you haven’t either. But just in case, I’d like to remind you this week especially to remember our troops. ADOPT A SOLDIER · A CUP […]

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Christmas goodies… & cupcakes.

It seems like all my decorations this year are retro & vintage ones. I’m using all my Nana‘s decorations, some of which date back to the 1940’s. They’re all so special to me & it makes it feel like she’s still here. So I guess it’s a retro Christmas around here. … Sometimes I just […]

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Candy apple red.

Okay I’ll admit it: I hate people who hate Christmas. I hate people who hate any holiday, really, because it’s stupid. I hate people who don’t like Christmas music, too, but that’s a bit different ’cause there is a lot of holiday music I can’t stand (anything modern for the most part, or anything post-1960’s, […]

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Perfectly irregular little Christmas trees.

Most people know I’m a New Yorker. I’m a New Yorker through & through- I like my clothes black & my coffee expensive, I walk fast & hate eye contact with anyone unless I know them. What most people don’t know is the history of one of New York’s most beloved traditions: the Rockefeller Center […]

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