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Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

My name is a derivative of Mary, did you know that? It’s an old English form of the name. Fancier than Mary, but still the same name & the meaning (of the original Hebrew root name, Miryam, that is) ranges from bitter/bitterness, salty to rebellion, obstinacy. I’d like to think I’m not bitter, but salty… […]

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Snackle Mouth part 2: frozen yogurt parfaits.

… Remember my Snackle Mouth post from a few days ago? I was so excited to use it to bake something, and I did (coffee cake), and it was glorious. But if I’m being 100% honest- that wasn’t my first idea. … See my first idea was to make some homemade frozen yogurt and top […]

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My new favorite thing: Snackle Mouth!

A few weeks ago, my friend & fellow blogger Xenia told me about Snackle Mouth. I had seen the pictures of it on her blog, and read her reviews of it, and I was intrigued. First off, I loved the packaging. Coolest granola packaging ever, for sure. And anytime you have bacon in anything, you […]

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Cookie jars, pink cookies, and a giveaway.

COMMENTS CLOSED & GIVEAWAY OVER! Okay everyone… the winner is… SARAH! Comment #73 (the last comment)! Congrats Sarah! I’m e-mailing you now. Thanks everyone for entering. *********************************************************** I have a kind of obsession with cupcake cookie jars. I love all cookie jars, actually, and one of my favorites- not to mention my pride & joy […]

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Blackberries are not just smart phones.

… Nowadays, it seems everyone has a “smartphone.” I came late to that party, finally caving in last July when Jay insisted on replacing my busted up old 2002-looking cell phone with an iPhone for my birthday. Honestly it has proved to be almost indispensable; especially when I broke my camera soon after and came […]

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