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Mint is Christmas-y

So for my Christmas menu, in addition to turkey & stuffing (which I’m not hugely into but was requested by the older family members), I’m making homemade lasagna. I do eat turkey, just not a lot. Jay doesn’t eat it at all, so therefore I required a dish I knew he would eat. I always […]

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The “Book.”

Ladies & gentlemen… meet… “the book”…. Drum roll please… THAT, my friends, is my bible. It contains all my how-to’s, all my recipes (cooking & baking), food presentation inspiration, ideas on cake decorating & miscellaneous crafts. Its all mainly new stuff that I printed out from the internet or tore out of magazines, as the […]

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The first WordPress post!

Okay before I start, let me say:1. I have never been to rehab; I am not Lindsay Lohan. I do not abuse illegal substances of any kind. Or legal, for that matter. I do like a drink every now & then… especially a Harp. But I digress… 2. But I may, infact, need cupcake rehab. […]

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