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Happy Halloween.

My living room lampshade & it’s Halloween resident. … In honor of today, I present one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite authors read by one of my favorite actors; a poem I once recited in high school to a packed house, a poem that opened my little 10 year old eyes […]

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Eye of newt & toe of frog.

This year for Halloween, when it came to edibles, I was 100% inspired by Martha’s Halloween issue. Literally, 100%. I found the perfect cupcakes for Halloween, not to mention other treats & ideas that I just had to make (see picture on the right). Some of them you’ve already seen (like the pumpkin cupcakes, or […]

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Military Monday.

Fantastic George Washington jack-o-lantern from the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Rhode Island … When you or your kids are putting on your Halloween costumes next week, or trick-or-treating, or making candy apples with the family, please remember all the children without parents… or parents without children thanks to these wars. Remember all the broken families these […]

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Bedknobs & broomsticks & caramel apples.

I loved the movie Bedknobs & Broomsticks when I was little. I remember watching it on VHS (some of you youngins might not remember such a device) as a wee little girl. Some would say it’s a Mary Poppins rip-off, and I can understand that, but I think it was pretty cute in its own […]

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Caramel apple syrup that wasn’t supposed to be syrup.

A.K.A. a canning cautionary tale. This post is not particularly Halloween-y, but it is very fall-related (the apples, the caramel, whatever & whatnot, etc). Not exactly horror movie stuff. It also does not contain a recipe, just a link to a recipe. Despite all that though, it does contain an important lesson. It’s also pretty […]

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Oh hey, pumpkin.

Halloween is a big holiday for me. It’s not only my favorite, it’s just an all-around great holiday to decorate & bake for. I know I’ve mentioned that before. I’ve also mentioned before that I just love Martha Stewart’s specialty holiday magazines. Each year for Halloween & Christmas I’m like a crackhead feenin’ for her […]

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Fiendish figs.

Before I get started with fiendish figs, let me say that my fiendish feline is extremely excited. See, because at this time of year everyone hangs up cardboard cut-outs or pictures of black cats, or has light up black cat figurines, and because stores are selling stuffed black cats & black cat costumes, etc, she […]

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